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With a clear focus on linking tourism with economic and community development, the NGO selects projects that are responsive to locally identified needs and interests.  These projects create international partnerships organized around the themes of alternative tourism, international community service and service learning, and community-based education. 

Edu-Tourism, St. Thomas, Jamaica is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) incorporated under the laws of the state of Pennsylvania. 

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Think of the world as a global village.  What does it mean?  How can you contribute to making this vision a reality, and enjoy yourself while doing it?  This is the mission of our NGO, Edu-Tourism,                       ,Jamaica.

Whether you are a home-based Jamaican, a Jamaican living abroad or an international friend of Jamaica, you can experience the satisfactions of edu-tourism:  you can contribute, explore, learn, make friends, change lives and do meaningful and rewarding work.

We bring together people and organizations to meet the challenges of globalization.  The NGO works with local and overseas organizations  (like the St.Thomas Homecoming Movement and Teens for Technology).   We identify appropriate community development projects in the parish; and then link these projects with people.  Our vision is to combine the various contributions of these participants and create international partnerships dedicated to self-reliant and sustainable development. 

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